Common Errors…

Common Errors


The holistic and exclusive approach of ACG is rooted in the errors in which it occurs when:

  • You do only consulting
    • The customer is left alone when it comes to moving to realization
    • In-depth knowledge of Sales & Marketing dynamics is often lacking or weak
    • No lever on “best practice” with proven ROI
  • You do only Education and training
    • Training is not synchronized with processes and “change management” is going to fail
    • People, formed but not supported by easy productivity tools, are likely to abandon the organization
  • You do only CRM
    • 70% of CRM initiatives fail (source: Cap Gemini – Ernst & Young)
    • 90% of organizations are unable to show a positive ROI (Source: META Group)
    • 75% of CRM initiatives fail in improving customer experience (Source: Gartner)
  • Without Collaboration
    • Sales Transformation projects without the participation of the entire organization (HR, IT, …) are designed to have no impact
    • In a multichannel environment, Sales Transformation projects must be systemic