Miller Heiman Group Italia

Miller Heiman Group Italia

Miller Heiman Group is the largest international company specializing in sales performance, providing knowledge that stimulates radical sales needs. Miller Heiman Group is a multinational and interdependent company; its expertise is based on the belief that everything starts with the client.

The company’s motto and promise to strengthen growth, underscore its goal of helping the leader in the sales sector and optimizing their time, efforts and potential, so that they can better create and manage relationships with customers, at the same time achieving the defined business objectives. Miller Heiman Group provides the following resources:

Managerial strategies of “core” management that make companies create opportunities, manage customer relationships and improve the effectiveness and professionalism in every interaction with customers;

Centers of excellence available for execution leadership, customer service and sales through channel partners;

Strategic analysis and decision-making tools;

Proprietary research focused on understanding and coding the “best practices” of the best companies in the world