Channel Management

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31 August 2017
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31 August 2017

Channel Management

Management and development of direct and indirect channels. Design, development and implementation of partnership programs. Selection and engagement of Partners.



Structuring Channel Programs that can consolidate the network of Business and Service Partners that can act as if it were a Direct Channel (DirectLike). Select, develop and maintain new Channel Partners through network support services.


In Channel programmes, considering contribution to Partners in a Partner Academy system that includes channel manager's training is very important



Partner Relationship Management (PRM) systems integrated with those of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) offer a key pillar in order to support joint actions with channel partners.


Use of service providers and solutions to channel programmes integration.

- Thoroughly analize the Channel Partner needs, its capabilities and in order to specify the role assigned to the value chain for the end customer.
- Review the degree of strategic alignment with your Partner before embarking on costly loyalty paths.
- Leading Italian company in biomedical diagnostic laboratory equipment has carried out a successful review of its partner channel, which, in different countries, is committed to the development of the specific market. The result was to question some relationships that did not give the expected contribution, to direct trade efforts to other more potential actors.
- Multinational company, leader in software technologies, uses its own technology Partners to keep track of customer trends by offering the prospect of technological upgrades, activating specific communities powered by up-to-date contents from top industry experts.