Finance and Budgeting

Human Resources & Organization
31 August 2017
Value Proposition
31 August 2017

Finance and Budgeting

Focus of the resources on the most potential returning elements, in order to gain resources to develop incentive and rewarding systems for all players in the game.



Defining the cost system for calculating the margins of products or services offered to the market. Defining the rewarding and incentive system of the sales force.


Greater awareness of their goals and business goals in the overall context of economic indicators. Improving the "Business Acumen" through finance training for non-authorised personnel.



Flow of calculations needed to determine the margins of products and services sold. Flow of calculations needed to determine their own awards and those of their direct or indirect employees.


nclusion of costs and margins by sales channels or third-party vendors. Sharing target volumes and resulting commission/discount rates.

- So different languages such as finance and business, need help to find the synthesis.
- These are often cultural aspects but also related to awareness and knowledge of each other's contexts.
- Primary company in the distribution of cosmetics for the professional channel, redefined the incentive system of its indirect sales force by safeguarding the two P&L, one of the individual who had to get a remuneration that has to be sufficient to stay focused on the sales targets, and the one of the organization that had to keep marginality while improving its market share.
- Average software house has redefined its strategic focus on specific market areas and application skills, thanks to a careful economic and financial analysis of projects developed over time and available on the market.