Human Resources & Organization

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31 August 2017
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31 August 2017

Human Resources & Organization

Strengthen the research and development of talents that best interpret corporate challenges and set the structure to facilitate the smoothness of collaboration and efficiency.



Search & Selection, Start & Development, Certification of business talents at all levels. Performance Management Process and Career Development. SalesAcademy.


Institutional training, process, products and services training. Behavioral and motivational training.



Performance Management systems. Knowledge Management systems. Learning Management systems.


Partner involvement in offering content training and Partner Academy as a user.

- It is necessary a synchronization between HR and business areas. HR needs to have skills level not always at the right level to talk to the business.
- Training alone does not transform and, if not accompanied by other actions, it can be even damaging.
- Leading multinational corporation in Information & Communication Technology has built its Sales Academy with initial assessment phase, training and final training center for certification of results and competencies, with the effect of increasing the effectiveness of the results and the loyalty of both direct and indirect resources.
- A consultancy firm between the "big five", sets its HR training contribution to the needs of the business by providing active advice to its Partners on people's support needs.