Opportunity Management

Channel Management
31 August 2017

Opportunity Management

Activation and development of new business from existing and potential customers. Commercial planning, sales forecasts, strategic customer management.



From opportunity or customer qualification to positive closing of the deal, client's loyalty obtained and activation of other opportunities. The entire process is subjected to analysis to capture the main moments to be synchronized with the client's decision-making process.


People learn methodologies, techniques, best practices, and the use of tools able to better guide business work. Together with managers they can increase the effectiveness of all interactions with customers.



Systems incorporating work processes and methodologies become, in fact, working tools in the hands of commercials that can grow professionally in their role.


More often than not, the sales process involves third parties in some or all the stages. That means they should be considered an integral part of the process and they must make a contribution. To involve the parties is a key component of an effective sales organization.

- The contribution of managers and "champion" of reference in defining the details of the phases of the reference commercial process, is key for the success of the service implementation
- The discipline in using tools and following the process, guaranteed by the dedication of managers in helping people, has a direct and positive impact on the results.
- A multinational corporation based in Italy operating in the industrial automation industry, has invested in providing its worldwide sales force at all levels, a CRM designed specifically for sales methodologies. This have made possible to transform people typically with technical-engineering culture, in people with technical-commercial culture that can add even more value on the field than the average of typical people with sales background.
- Small Italian software company specialized in security has invested in a system able to map the relationships, manage opportunities and business visits, enabling the effective extension of the scope from just the financial sector, always served by this company, to the industrial one.