Technology & Information System

Territory Management
31 August 2017
Human Resources & Organization
31 August 2017

Technology & Information System

Use the technology leverage to add value, enhance the experience of different users in using systems and available information.



IT support in providing tools and solutions to the sales force for data and information management, "Knowledge Sharing", CRM, SFA, BI, and usability. Finding technologies to support the "core" value proposition of the organization.


Overcoming cultural barriers against the adoption of new generation information tools. Systematic and attentive use of available technology.



Shared and medium-term technology roadmap. Using cloudy platforms.


Inclusion of third party requirements for the use, even partial, of the same systems. Using third-party systems to include them in managing data, market, customer, and prospective solutions.

- Over 75% of CRMs are going to fail if they start as an initiative of the administration or IT without the direct involvement of the business.
- Major users are the business process actors, who must use the system at each key stage.
- A multinational corporation specializing in diabetes care tools and medicines, has gained the effective involvement of sales force and management in a process of changing the market approach that provided for greater sharing of customer information that has been structurally spread, thanks to the collaboration of the IT and a cloud platform.
- Sales outsourcing company that has taken over the management of retail channel support from a leading telecommunications company, continuously exchanges data and information with its customer and with all network actors, thanks to the upstream sharing cloud platform.