Territory Management

Channel Management
31 August 2017
Technology & Information System
31 August 2017

Territory Management

Government of the reference territory, account portfolio, partners or dealers. Segmentation, Targeting, Business Planning, Market Share.



Realize strategic business development plans, and putting them in place, through the effective management of territory, account portfolio or region.


Support people to develop territorial plans using a structured methodology based on verifiable assumptions.



Using digital dashboards, use "alert" and indicators to focus on specific items that can really affect your business performance.


Sharing, at the right level, the territorial management strategy with the actors of the indirect channel using the measurement of sell-out, meaning what the Partners make with our contribution, as well as sell-in, what we propose to our Channel Partners.

- Identification of concrete and easily measurable elements to make a prediction of the performance of territory's account.
- Discipline in the "intelligent" execution of the plan, which can of course be revised if the boundary environment changes.
- Coaching by the senior level manager to avoid a moving away delayed over time.
- Primary dental company, that distributes its products through a mixed sales force of direct and indirect sales people, has been able to appreciate the difference in operating in presence of a structured plan that allows a more effective guidance of both sales forces committed to territory.
- A leader company in the job administration market has been able to improve the mix of services sold to its accounts, through the structuring of a Customer Plan that was designed to create and share a kind of business plan with the customer.