Value Proposition

Finance and Budgeting
31 August 2017
Lead Generation & Qualification
31 August 2017

Value Proposition

Definition, differentiation and enrichment of the value proposition from the "core" to its extent and impact on all stakeholders.



Define the fundamental steps to question, enrich and develop the Value Proposition through constant search for potential differentiators.


Involvement of all major stakeholders able to share best practices and to perform for their part of responsibility, research and development of renewed products or services.



Entering the process into a collaborative system that can involve every single user in contributing through, for example, a system of voting and content enrichment.


Sales channels or suppliers, an integral part of their skills and services to the Value Proposition, are heard to capture their point of view.

- Addition of digital items to the offer.
- Customer experience attention
- Involvement of all stakeholders starting with Leaders.
- Industry: industrial waste management.
- Evolution of the Value Proposition changed from simple waste transport to complete cycle of collection, disposal and recycling, integrated within the supply chain.
- Industry: energy
- Integration of the Savings Value Proposition with the addition of service elements, monitoring and generating alternative energy.