The Workshop

The Workshop

Workshop 2

To start the Sales Transformation process, you need to select which capabilities you want to implement.

To do this, it is especially useful to use one of over 13 Workshops, the tool that ACG has made to make the Sales Transformation planning process as efficient and effective as possible.

The Workshops are articulated in four main phases:

  • The 1st phase, through examples, is what are the capability to determine if they are applicable within the Reference Company
  • The 2nd phase, which determines the benefits, economic, organizational and user-friendliness of the company through the implementation of the capability
  • 3rd phase, which checks that the Company is ready to do all it can, to avoid the fake steps that it often faces, for example, during the implementation of a traditional CRM
  • 4th Phase, which defines the key performance indicators with management to measure return on investment for each capability

What does it mean for your company?

  • Make a short journey that would take a long time or that might never happen
  • Path to provide the Company with the plan to transform the way in which it interacts with its Customers at all stages of the sales cycle