What is a capability?

What is a capability?

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What do we mean by capability?

Capability is the ability to handle a business process according to a set of rules that qualify it as best practice.

The systematic use of these capabilities by the Company is reflected in a competitive advantage that can be measured and measured by the effects on Profit and Loss (P & L) in terms of revenue improvement or cost reduction and / or customer loyalty.

Each capability must be accompanied by all the components capable of effectively enabling it in the enterprise: Processes, People‘s awareness and training activities, Planning tools and Partnerships (4P). It must also be accompanied by its Key Performance Indicator, capable of measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of the same with respect to targets. Artax Consulting Group has been able to model – and is able to do so for its customers – over one hundred distinctive capabilities, divided into three areas of Sales, Marketing and Collaboration.

What does it mean for your company?
  • Dealing with the problems of achieving optimal interaction with the Customer within all of the underlying processes required to achieve the ultimate goal
  • Optimizing any under process (aligning it to international best practices where results can be traced in terms of results) and correlating it to others, you can be sure to build a Sales System that will guarantee the market leadership of the Company in your industry

ACG boasts over 100 capabilities …